Powerful and efficient Time Management is one of the most effective skills one can possess. It will help you make the most out of each day, directing you towards success in work, school and life. Without managing your time well, you are never going to reach your goals.

Before saying you don’t have enough time; think that you have the same number of hours per day as successful people do. But, why do we feel that only a few people get the most of every minute of the day? It’s because they know how to manage time well.

With the below effective time management tips, you can schedule and manage your day to achieve great success.

Where are you wasting time?

The very first step in time management is to find out where your time is actually getting wasted. It may seem that you only spend a few minutes on emails, social media or making personal calls, but in reality these tasks are eating-up hours of your day. Get a time management app (Toggl) to keep track of everything you do for a week. Download the reports, analyze them and start working on areas that needs improvement.

Set a time limit on your tasks

Start setting time limits for every task you do. Take a look at your time reports and find out the tasks that take more time than you anticipated. Set time limits for these tasks and work with more focus and concentration. If you still find yourself crossing the time limit you set, study your workflow and eliminate the small time-wasters.

Create a to-do list every morning

Use the first 15 to 20 minutes of your day and list all the to-dos for the day. This motivates you and helps you to see what you have accomplished and what remains. On the weekend, review all the accomplishments from the previous week. This will enhance your confidence and give you the motivation to create the next week’s schedule.

Never multitask

Some people believe that doing one thing at a time seems downright prodigal. But the chances are you are doing no good to yourself by multitasking. It is claimed that switching between tasks can cause a huge productivity loss and can cause you to make errors to the task you are working on. So, it is always advised to work on one task at a time.

Schedule breaks

It is suggested for you to take a 10 to 15 minutes break every 50 minutes if efficiency is your concern. It helps to avoid breakdown and maintain high energy levels throughout the day. Keep your physical and mental strength at high levels by frequently breaking.

Spend time in relaxing

You might wonder how relaxation will help to better manage your time. But meditating and relaxing every single morning gives you balance and enhances your concentration and mental focus. You will be surprised with the positive impacts it can have on your creativity.

Never hesitate to say NO

Make sure you do not waste your time on people or stuffs that are not aligned with your goals. Just decline the invitation if your schedule is packed.

When you’re dragging, use inspirational sources like motivational talk shows or biography. It’s a simple trick to reignite the fire and motivate you to get right back on track!