Billionaires inspire everyone and to some, they are the role models! Many people often read success stories of these entrepreneurs, aiming to find a road map which can lead them to unprecedented success. But does reading a book can assure you that success?

Well, many of these biographies of successful entrepreneurs may include their journey towards that success, but they lack in conveying their emotions i.e. anger, frustration, and persistence while working for their goals. And so Steve Jobs has described it well, “I am convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”

Many of the top richest people in this world are self-made and henceforth, they have been through highs and lows in life. Their lives have been as ordinary as ours. They too have dreamt of becoming rich like many others, at one point in their life. However, only a handful of individuals have scaled the mountain of success and accomplished their dreams. This is because of their determination, will,goal, and road map to achieve the goals to become successful was firm. Even in the face of deadlocked situations, these people remained focused and perhaps extract most out of those times. Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), had proposed his recipe for fried chicken for 1,010. It was the 1,010th time when his recipe got accepted. The rejection for 1,009 times did not waver Sanders, rather, he persevered and today he owns one of the most popular food chains i.e. KFC.

Much like Sanders, Larry Ellison (founder of Oracle Corporation), Oprah Winfrey- the queen of all media, Samuel Walton (founder of Walmart), Jan Koum, (founder of WhatsApp) and many others went through a series of hardships before they got the much-acclaimed success. But all these people have had a few things in common. I have listed some of them below:

Never got bogged down: All successful people have been tested by life. They all have been through tempting situations when quitting could have seemed liked the only way. However, their attitude towards life and problem was different. Instead of letting those problems pull them down; they determined to rise as a true champion.

Out of the box ideas: Who would have thought that one day everyone will love visiting a delicious chicken joint like KFC? Or shop groceries from as big as the store like Walmart, yet at affordable prices? The founders of these joints had thought differently and ensured their idea worked out. While doing so, they had figured out the shortcomings of their business and rectified it before it hampered the consumer experience.

People come first: Down the line, every business works to earn money out of it. Nevertheless, the businesses which are based on serving people are the ones that connect with their audience faster than any other. Let’s say Facebook aims to connect people worldwide and Google had targeted to provide information on everything that people wanted.

These were the three commonalities that most entrepreneurs share. Their life is full of inspirational stories which can spur up your desire to work harder until you make your dreams a reality. So which trait are you going to develop first? Share with me in the comment section!