Start every morning with these 3 powerful habits to maximize your productivity

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive—to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love—then make that day count!” – Steve Maraboli

Steve Marabolis is an American researcher, authorand behavioural scientist. His observations are deep. Unlike others, he suggests his users to perceive each day as an opportunity to be grateful for what they already have. Doesn’t that sound simple yet unusual?

Typically, most of you start your morning with the mobile phone in one hand and bed tea in the other. While you take the first sip of your tea, you check out all social media platforms you have on your phone. Within 10 minutes, you are aware which friend of yours posted a new feed last night and what our political leaders are up to. Well, it’s good to be aware of all that, but should mornings be the time for this?

No! Mornings are those first dew-drops which sets your day in a great motion. You should do everything you are passionate about in the morning. Energize yourself for a spectacular day and perhaps for a healthy routine. There are many great personalities who kick start the day with what they love. Let’s say Mark Zuckerberg starts his morning with checking out Facebook. Did you know that Zuckerberg started Facebook casually when he was studying at Harvard University? It didn’t take him much time to understand the purpose of Facebook, which is to connect people world-wide. Today, he spends most of his time thinking about enhancing this connectivity.

That’s about Mark Zuckerberg! What are you passionate about? Do you love reading or maybe studying the galaxies and planets? It could be anything, but it’s important to embed your passion in your life. And for this, mornings are one of the best times. Let’s find out some simple yet powerful practices which will help you maximize your productivity.

Clutter off the past:

This is more of the sleeping practice than the morning habit. For the matter of fact, you wake up with the same state of mind as you slept with. So, if you sleep with a sense of satisfaction, you’ll wake up satisfied. Same way, if you are disappointed and anguished while sleeping, you should expect the same in the morning. So how do you address this?
Clear up your mind before you go for sleep. You can talk about your problems, read about them or maybe spend some time with yourself. You can try out the practice that works for you.

Love your passion:

People who are driven by their passion are the most successful ones. If you kick start the day with your passion, you will feel more relaxed, calm and energized. This should be the mantra for your mornings! You can read your favorite novel or workout or simply sit under fresh sun rays. Once you start doing this, you will feel a shift in your life which pushes you to give your best each day.

Use this time as a catalyst:

Scheduling major tasks of the day is an important aspect. You become clear with what you have to do and in what time-frame. Henceforth, you don’t spend extravagant time on things which might of less importance!

Adopting these practices in your daily life might seem difficult in the beginning. But gradually, you will feel more empowered and happy about yourself and your health routine. You will face the ups and downs of life even now. However; since your soul is happy and nurtured every single day, your attitude towards these troubles will be changed and it will be easier for you to sail through the troubled times. 

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