Why do you slow down and how to keep consistency?

Recently, I was contemplating how to be steady at all times. The second thought that stuck to my mind was of a child’s – how a child learns to walk, it falls several times and gets up every time. Once the child has learnt walking, it attempts to talk. Meanwhile, the child is exposed to the outside world and gets excited by seeing even an animal. Once walking, talking and recognizing animals are done, the child finds himself in a school learning unknown lessons. And this goes on till the kid doesn’t turn into an adult!

Isn’t the life of a kid quite exciting? At every stage, the kid has something to new to hop on. There is hardly any day when he doesn’t come across something different and intriguing. However, when the same child grows up, his life changes upside down. He has learnt most of the things and starts following a routine in order to be more productive and efficient. Since the routine is a new tempo for him, he likes it. But soon after, the routine becomes a usual thing and doesn’t drive him to be efficient or consistent.

This is when he slows down. His life gets overpowered with gloominess, lethargy and hopelessness. It becomes difficult for him to find that pushing factor and perhaps he loses himself.

Thinking about the situation, I feel most of us relate to it. We start a new endeavour with zeal and high expectations. The kick-start is usually very dramatic, slowly it becomes a part of our routine and eventually we slow down and tend to lose grip of the endeavour. So how do you address this issue and become consistent in life?

The ultimate mantra lies in always challenging ourselves. For instance, if you are a working professional having the same kind of work every day, you could simply find a newer or different way to do the same work. While doing so, you will not experience monotony in your work; rather, will have consistency in your actions. In addition to this, you will also find a distinct joy in accomplishing the task since the implement pattern was different and challenging for you.

Likewise, a homemaker can take out several minutes which he/she can dedicate to something he/she loves or is passionate about. Putting effort and time in one’s passion is another drive which keeps people away from lethargy and slowing down. In other words, it is imperative to have some ‘me time’ which you should devote to something you like. It could be writing, reading, playing or listening to music, dancing, sleeping, watching your favourite movie or simply sending some close to nature. This time rejuvenate you and gives you the push to work harder, not matter what! Having said that, some of us have absolute different ways of rejuvenating ourselves.

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