Having a tough time at work? Don’t worry, I am here to help!

Let’s imagine a situation. You wake up to 50 messages on office WhatsApp group & 10 emails and there are already 5 critical tasks assigned to you. You hastily get ready so that you can resume to your work as quickly as possible. On the way to your office, you prioritize your work and try to do some calling and texting if there is any. And here you are kick starting yet another roller-coaster of a day. You push yourself to do a significant amount of work by the first half so that the second half is secured for crucial and uninformed work. By the end of the day, you are exhausted, drained out but somewhere feel satisfied and accomplished.

Now let’s twist the situation a bit. You slept at 3 am and woke up to call at 7 by a colleague informing you about a deadlock. You panic and feel no urge to reach office in time. But because you are tied up with the rules and regulations, you have to be there and address the situation. You try to reach the office as fast as you can despite the significant traffic. You obviously report late and are certain to have a heated moment with the manager. By now, you are stressed out and lack the zeal to solve the problem anymore. Your entire day drags on the page and you end up feeling disappointed and frustrated. 

Did you notice that I threw two absolute different work situations before you?

In the former, you are at calm and seamlessly make an effort to reach an extra mile. Doing so is helping you discover yet another quality and strength of yourself. However, the latter pushes you back and forth yet you aren’t able to make any difference. You live in a gloomy state of life and there is hardly anything that can pull you up from there.

But what is the primary point of difference in both situations?

It is the attitude. The way you look at the situation changes everything around you. A lot of problems including stress, quarrels with the colleagues, not being able to manage work & time, etc. get resolved if you start being optimistic and look at the things with a positive outlook.

More than anything, it is the small changes in your everyday life that bring about a huge shift in your professional and personal life. Now, what are these small changes? More than anything, it is the small changes in your everyday life that bring about a huge shift in your professional and personal life. Now, what are these small changes?

Learn to be calm

Usually, it is the first reaction or the thought that sets the tempo for the day or the work. You should give yourself some time before reacting to anything. Doing this will not only help have an optimistic outlook but will also keep you more calm when you are on your work. With a peaceful mind, you happen to do best and error-free work.     


If you have got tons of work, you must begin with prioritize them all along with briefing yourself the time required on them. You can sacrifice a lesser important work for something urgent.


You should channelize all your focus on performing your job. That is the key to success. You happen to complete the task at hand in way lesser time than otherwise. Focus is imperative for completing your tasks in time while delivering the quality.

Jim Rohn, an American entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker once said,“Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”

Don’t stake your life for the chance, instead take charge of it and change every bit of it that troubles you!

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