In every moment you live, there are about hundreds of thousands of thoughts that pass through your mind. Right now when you are reading this blog, you would be thinking about what I have written, which article will you read next, what impression this piece of writing will leave upon you, how your lunch tasted today and so on.

Did you notice that your mind is capable of such multi-tasking in a single brief moment? Well, conscious or unconscious, there are ample numbers of thoughts that pass by our minds. The ones who have major impact upon us usually are backed up with strong feelings. So here is the answer to our first question. It is the feelings which govern our thoughts.

Now how do you control these thoughts so that they are channelized in the right direction? Let’s discover!

Take your time

It is usually the first few moments of a situation which decides your take and reaction towards it. But what if I tell you to stay calm in those initial moments. Be neutral and understand the scenario as a whole. When you will do so, your thoughts would run in a different direction and your reaction & perception will change towards everything. You will have a bigger and a calmer mind-set.

Bring peace with your inner self

Our behavior is the reflection of our inner self. If there is no peace and harmony within you, you’ll never be able to bring peace in your surroundings. Henceforth, the foremost requirement is to bring peace within you. When you are composed, you will see everything around you with a different and wiser perception, which gives your thoughts a direction and let you remain joyful at all times. 

Always be thankful

Being grateful elevates your existence and makes you a rather aware human being. You don’t complain in a lot of situations, you take everything as an impetus to turn around things, and win without fail. Remember, being thankful is simple and convenient exercise to nourish your soul!

Think positive

Have you see a flower? It has so many petals and they together make it beautiful. However, all of them would be different from each other. They belong to that one flower yet they have a story in itself. Such are the situations we find ourselves at most times. Like you have seen all petals of the flower, try observing each aspect of every situation. Doing so will bring up the positivity within towards outer world.

We change every day, in fact, every moment. But it boils down to us how do we want to change? Do we want that change to be progressive or regressive?
When you give thought to these questions, you will be more aware of your thoughts, and actions. And that’s the first step to take control of your thoughts and give them the right direction!