How to maintain healthy relationships in the ‘digital era’?

Let’s imagine a fish inside a pond – it swims as it’s free and loves everything around. But when you take it out, it struggles to go back to its home and never want to come back from there.

Now let’s imagine a superficial situation – imagine yourself as the fish, and your loved ones as the pond.  A giant i.e. technology pulls you up from your home i.e. family. For a moment,  you remain calm and confused. After a while, your calmness is substituted with anxiety, impatience, anger, fear and many other negative emotions and slowly the giant starts to get a grip on your life. Unlike the fish, you don’t want to go back to your home but rather start seeking solace in artificial emotions which slowly starts turning into your addiction.

This is how I would like to explain the current state of technology driven modern living. Digitalization is replacing every mode of communication and we fall prey to it. We stop meeting people & avoid  communicating in person but rather we feel comfortable in sending a text over messenger or whats app. Basically, we have started living in isolation and with time, we are totally going to distance ourselves from human emotion.

If you look at this lifestyle outwardly, you may find it easy, but from deep inside, it changes you as a person and so does your relations with people surrounding  you. But my friend, you are never too late, you can always choose to transform yourself and go back to the .basic nature of human beings and endorse the elements that keep us together – love & affection! The below points would explain it better.

Never let Technoference overpower you

This term was coined by Brandon McDaniel, a professor at Illinois State University and he defined it as ‘intrusion of technology into time spent together.’ The professor conducted a study in 2014 and found that 65% of women reported presence of technoference in their relationships. This single data talks in volume! Let not technology overpower you, instead embrace those moments when your loved ones need you and be present there physically rather than giving them a virtual company. Always remember, words flow virtually but not your emotions!

Limit the use of social media

If you comprehend the evolution of social media platforms, you would understand that they were created to connect people living in different geographical locations at a lightning speed. However, we have overused these platforms and more than using them as the tools of communication, we use them to kill time or as a source of entertainment. Let’s get it straight – we can always minimize the usage and stop ourselves from posting updates everytime we visit a restaurant or meet someone!  Take a more human approach when you meet your friend next time. Give them a hug, spend some more time than you were supposed to, give them a call once they reach home after meeting you.

Look for inner validation

Do you tend to visit social media platforms quite often after uploading a status? If yes, then you are looking for affirmation and validation that are more virtual than human. And if you rely on it, then it becomes the source of your misery and desolation later. How about discovering your true potential and taking validation from your inner self? In reality,  there is so much more in you that you haven’t unleashed  yet. Once you start acknowledging your inner strength, you would stop relying on any external or virtual opinion that helps you feel better.

Technology will always be there and it gets  finer with time. But if you don’t learn how to control its usage, there are chances that you would get controlled by it! So let’s embrace more human qualities and start maintaining healthy relationships. In the end, a smile or a hug gives you more solace and happiness than a virtual emoticon.

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